Monday, December 29, 2008

Glamour Girl

The other day I bought Miriam a new pair of tennis shoes, a needed item and something you would think would be rather uncomplicated. Ah, but these particular tennis shoes (and they were chosen simply because they were the cheapest at Wal-mart at the time) came with...wait for it...make-up. Now, I really don't get how tennis shoes and make-up go together. It is obviously a scheme by the tennis shoe people to undermine the sanity of mothers who buy these shoes for their daughter.

Of course, it wasn't simply make-up but also three little containers of glitter, aka: pixie dust (these happened to be tinkerbell shoes) glitter, of course, is the bane of mothers everywhere - or perhaps it's just me.

The non-glitter portion of the make-up came in a cell phone shaped container.

Here she is, our little glamour girl!

(With as much glitter as possible smeared onto her face)

Oh, the joy of girls!


  1. Love the make up! Gracie got some make up in her stocking and she applied it on my face...I had glittery stuff everywhere! Love the blog, Bonnie! It is really fun to see your kiddos getting so big!


  2. Oh how I love it when they use up all the "make up" on the first go-around!

    Glamor Girl, indeed! Very cute!