Monday, May 11, 2009

Joshua Tree

We arrived at my dad's on Sunday May 3. After 4 days of driving for several hours each day we were ready to stay put for a while! It was great to see my dad again after almost a year and the kids were thrilled to see their Grandpa! We spent Monday and Tuesday kicking back at my dad's house and 'recovering' from our travels but on Wednesday we decided to venture out to Joshua Tree National Park for some rock climbing and a picnic lunch...

Isaiah on top of some rocks

Joshua and Miriam taking a break

Isaiah, stopped for a moment


One hot, tired girl hiding from the sun!

Well, it's a little far away but this desert iguana was really cool in 'real life'.
Getting my picture taken

Enjoying our lunch under 'split-rock'.

It was a little hotter then we expected it to be in May which zapped the kids energy pretty quickly but we still had fun climbing on the rocks and chasing lizards for a little while. Then we were more than ready to enjoy our picnic lunch in the shade. (-:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Grandma's house we go!

On the evening of May 2 we arrived at Grandma Mix's house in Camarillo. It had been more than 5 years since we had seen her last! Far too long! Miriam was very small when she had seen her last so she did not remember her, still, she knew this was her Great-Grandma and she warmed up to her right away. Joshua remembered her, and her house, very well and he was happy to be able to visit her again. We had a great time visiting with her Saturday evening, attended church with her on Sunday morning, enjoyed a yummy lunch together and topped it off with a walk to the park! An altogether wonderful visit!

Isaiah kicking back with Grandma's new dog Ginger.

Joshua enjoying some cartoons.

'Miriam the puppy' playing fetch.

Checking Great Grandma's vitals.

Enjoying lunch together, Miriam is also enjoying Grandma snuggles!

My well-behaved boys...

Miriam and her Great Grandma.

Miriam climbing the tree in Grandma Mix's yard.

Walking to the park.

I see you.

3 great-grandkids.

Grandma, Ginger and I hanging out in the shade.
We sincerely hope it is not another five years until our next visit with (Great) Grandma Mix!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Driving through San Francisco

After leaving Aimee's house we took the 80 over the Bay Bridge and through part of San Francisco. Here are a few photos I snapped while driving:
The kids...

Barely got him in this one!

The scenery...

Driving across the Bay Bridge on a lovely day!

I love these cute houses!

And that was the extent of our adventure in San Francisco! Lol!

At Aunt Aimee's

The kids and I began our vacation at my sister-in-law's house in Berkeley. We had such a lovely visit with her and her daughter! I am so thankful we were able to see them.

Thanks, Aimee, for having us!

Miriam holding Aunt Aimee's hand as we walk to a local coffee shop where we had some very yummy lunch!

After lunch we walked to a very cool park nearby. Here the boys climb up a 'tire tube'.

Miriam needed a little boost from mom!

Miriam climbs on the cool 'spider webs' - that's what they made me think of, anyway.

Aunt Aimee the Aerialist! (-:

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...let down your hair!

Miriam gives Aunt Aimee and the boys a ride on the tire swing!

Watching the train go by as we're walking home. Notice all the kids covering their ears, lol!

Cousins, just hanging out together. We were stuck inside since we, apparently, brought the rain with us from Oregon. Nobody seemed to mind all that much, though.

Miriam playing a game involving pets on Maia's DS.

My kids introduced Maia to the wonderful world of Spore!

Friday evening we all went out for dinner at Chevy's where a great time was had by all!

We are looking forward to the time when Aimee and Maia will be able to visit us in Kodiak! Until then, we will treasure this time we had with them!

Goodbye Tonsils!

On April 17th Miriam had her tonsils and adenoids removed.

Prior the the surgery the nurse anesthetist came out to talk to us, to give Miriam the mask they would use during surgery and to let her pick out the 'flavor' she wanted them to put in the mask - which was really the 'scent' so that the mask smells like something nice. Miriam chose raspberry.

He also checked Miriam's veins and put a numbing cream on each of her hands so that it wouldn't hurt when they put her IV in later.

Miriam checks out my veins, she is flicking my hand in this picture.

Time for the IV! It's not the best picture but Miriam is actually smiling! The numbing cream really did the job and they were able to get the IV in on the first try...for which Josh and I were so thankful after the difficulties we've had getting IV's done on Joshua over the years!

Checking out the 'finished product'.

This was just too adorable! Little kids get a ride to the operating room in this little red wagon, what a great idea!

Miriam was not too happy when she woke up from the surgery, but she had two new friends waiting to meet her!

Here she is writing down which movies she wants to watch when she gets home. This was one of the few times we were able to get her to write instead of talking!

Time to go home! A very unhappy girl gets wheeled out to the car by her wonderful nurse!

The first hour and a half after surgery were the worst. Miriam was so miserable and the pharmacy didn't have her meds ready even though they called them in from the hospital, which was very frustrating! But once she got home and settled down Miriam felt much better and she just did amazing from that point on! We couldn't have ordered a better recovery for our girl, she was up and playing outside 3 days after surgery!

God is so very good!

Animal Camp

During the last week of March Miriam attended 'Animal Camp' at Hauser Church which is put on by our local CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) missionaries. It is a super fun week for the kids with visits from all kinds of critters and visits to all kinds of critters. Some of the highlights from this year included: visiting Miss Valerie's chickens and having an egg hunt; reptile day, with a visit from several different kinds of reptiles; horseback riding at a nearby arena; and a pet show on the last day.

Other daily activities included games, singing, Bible and missionary stories and prizes.
Another highlight for many kids, including Miriam, was riding the Hauser Church bus from North Bend each day!

Here I am setting up to get a shot of Miriam getting off the bus. Unfortunately, even though I had my camera trained on the door I somehow missed Miriam's exit! Doh!

Miriam posing with her inflatable seahorse. Each kid that attends Animal Camp gets and inflatable animal at sometime during the week, a few each day. They call the kids names and they get to come up and stand by a screen and someone tosses the critter over from the other is definitely a highlight of the week for the kids!

And another picture of Miriam and her seahorse, not sure why I included both of these but since their both here...

This is Henessy and I's view as we wait for Miriam's turn in the Pet Show. You can't really see her but Miriam is way at the other end of that row of kids. It was pretty funny seeing all us parents cued up on the landing and the stairs with our various pets. There were many dogs but also rats (you can see one to the left, across from the German Shepherd), turtles, chickens, a baby quail, hamsters, a hermit crab, kitties and even a goldfish!

Here is my good dog patiently awaiting her turn!

Here is Miriam telling about her pet. I wasn't able to get it on camera but she was even able to get Henessy to play dead! She did such a good job!

After the presentation the animals get to walk along the row of kids to be petted - if the pet allows such things - or to let the kids get a closer look. The pet show is the perfect ending to a wonderful week. We are going to miss being able to attend Animal Camp next year
but I am very thankful Miriam was able to take part these last two years!