Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Eve

Just a few pictures of our Christmas Eve which was very mellow and relaxing.

We traditionally let the kids open one of our presents in the evening on Christmas Eve. This year I had each kid open a game I had gotten for them.

Miriam got Tunnelz, a sort of 3D connect four.

Isaiah got Askew! a game where you balance color-coded metal rods on a metal frame, something like Topple.

And Joshua got Team Chess (also known as 4-way chess). He's wanted this game for a couple of years but the only version's I could find were very expensive, I finally found an inexpensive version! (-:

Our tree with some cards nestled in the branches.

Our tree with all it's presents and our stockings, all ready for Christmas morning.

Boy, are we spoiled or what?!

Hangin' with the neighbors

A few days before Christmas our neighbors invited us over to hang out and roast some marshmallows over a portable fire pit in their yard.

Enjoying the fire.

Samuel riding his bike in the yard and driveway.

Daniel looking cool on his skateboard.


Go girl! (-:

Matthew wants to try.
That's all folks!

Picture Day - Eagles (and some deer)

And, finally, some good pictures of Eagles!

But first some small, fuzzy deer that were grazing next to the parking lot of the medical center just inside the entrance to the base.

So cute, I wish I could pet it!

Look at that fuzzy face, this guy was not shy.

The second eagle we saw.

The first eagle we saw.

It's a bit hard to see the third eagle but there are 3 telephone poles and each has an eagle on it! This on the road that heads out to Josh's work.

Another eagle.

And another.

Through the branches.

3 in a tree. The two lower ones are juveniles, they don't have their 'bald' heads yet.

4 eagles in this picture.

One of my favorite pictures.

A little closer.

More than 10 eagle on that ridge!

5 eagles. Check out the guy with his wings open, wish I could have gotten closer to get a better picture of him!

I think this guy looks like he's wearing a royal robe. (-:

More than 7 eagles in this picture. This is in a field next to Josh's work, we had to get permission to walk in there and get pictures.

You can't really see them but there are a couple eagles winging their way down the river in this picture, there are also eagles in the tree on the left.

Only 5 eagles left by the time I got close to these two trees, there were more then 10 but they didn't like us walking up the them.

I think these two are discussing whether or not they should follow their friends.

Two trees full of eagle.

And lastly, this one wasn't quite quick enough in his escape! (-:
I love living in Alaska!
(As I was writing this post an eagle landed in the field behind our house, it is now in a tree in the field - I can see him just by turning my head! It is a bit dark and rainy to get a good picture. Earlier this week a juvenile eagle was on our roof, I did get a picture of him I may post later. Just so cool!)

Picture Day - C130

Here are some good pictures I got of one of the C-130's. I got a few opportunities for great shots as the plane was circling to practice dropping rescue equipment.

Here it comes!

I love this picture! In the lower right you can see the canister they have dropped with it's little orange parachute.


Right above us.

The plane passing while we're taking pictures of the bay.

An one more. These planes are pretty impressive.

Picture Day - Scenery

Josh and I have been meaning to go out just to take pictures around base and his work for a long time and on the 13th of December we finally made it happen. This post contains all the scenic pictures we took.

Ice crystals on a pile of old snow by Jewel beach.

Frosty Jewel beach.

And the other direction...there was a lot of erosion from a big storm in November.

A view of Old Woman with Barometer behind, the exchange building is in the foreground.

Old Women bay frozen over!

See how thick the ice is!



No boat launching this time of year.

Close up of ice crystals, so pretty!

In the center of this photo you can see the path one of the ships made coming in to the dock.

A buoy frozen in the ice.

I find it very weird that these trees are growing on this old pier.

Where the ice starts to thin, closer to the open ocean.

A frozen lake on base.

A tree in the frozen water.

Josh on the lake.
(Ok, he's not really standing on the lake, but it looks pretty good)

Ice on ice.

So beautiful!

A frozen Cow Parsnip plant. Also known as Pushki.

Standing on the water.

Josh walking back toward the car after taking pictures of eagles, the building in the background is his work.

Just another pretty picture.

And one more.

We feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful place!