Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Lovely Walk

On December 12 my kids, my neighbor's kids, my dogs and I went for a walk behind (and on) the bmx track near our house.

The dogs...licking the ice. Silly dogs.

Wild creatures in the forest!

Henessy watches over Miriam and the little ones.

Miriam, Isaiah and Samuel use rocks to chip away at a large slab of ice.

Who needs a bike? Matthew and Daniel just enjoy running on the bmx track.

Samuel shows off a chunk of ice he chipped out.

Cool ice crystals on the grass. So pretty!

Miriam picked this pretty, crystal-covered weed for me. (-:

More pretty, crystal-covered weeds.

Miriam and Matthew walking on a frozen creek.

Frozen cool!

More ice...if it didn't have ice crystals on top you might think it was not frozen solid, I love it!

Frozen bubbles!
Sorry, I am a transplanted Southern California girl, ice crystals and frozen creeks excite me! (-:

Isaiah breaks through some ice over a deeper reservoir. There was a layer on ice on top about and inch thick then an open space of about 3 inches and then another, clear layer of ice. The kids had fun breaking the top layer apart and tossing the pieces onto the surface where they shattered. What joy!

Henessy makes sure no one gets too carried away with their ice throwing.

It is so beautiful here when the sun is shining and the world is covered in sparkling crystals! I love walking on frozen creeks, too! We just so thankful to live in such a beautiful place and for days like this one when we can really get out and enjoy it!

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