Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Eve

Just a few pictures of our Christmas Eve which was very mellow and relaxing.

We traditionally let the kids open one of our presents in the evening on Christmas Eve. This year I had each kid open a game I had gotten for them.

Miriam got Tunnelz, a sort of 3D connect four.

Isaiah got Askew! a game where you balance color-coded metal rods on a metal frame, something like Topple.

And Joshua got Team Chess (also known as 4-way chess). He's wanted this game for a couple of years but the only version's I could find were very expensive, I finally found an inexpensive version! (-:

Our tree with some cards nestled in the branches.

Our tree with all it's presents and our stockings, all ready for Christmas morning.

Boy, are we spoiled or what?!


  1. Looks like a lovely way to spend Christmas Eve! And Josh's haircut makes me happy. I like seeing his handsome face! =)

    (PS I just realized a comment I left a while ago never showed up. Now I know how to do it correctly...)

  2. merry Christmas and happy new year!