Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Babysitting Fun

Here are some pictures from when I had the joy of watching my neighbors 3 boys one evening about a month ago:

Miriam playing a game with Daniel and Matthew, two of her favorite little people.

Hmm...what are these boys up to?


Oh yeah, this looks smart...

My best kept babysitting secret! Lol!

Miriam and Daniel walking to the park, so sweet!

Matthew and I walking to the park, there are few things quite as sweet as an itty, bitty hand in yours! (-:

I think this play structure is so cool! I think these guys like it too.

The bigger kids enjoy a rousing game of tag.

Isaiah on the move!

Miriam watching over Matthew.

Isaiah's good buddy Josh.

Matthew, sporting a cool hat, sails his Lego boat on the arm of our couch.

Matthew joins in the video gaming fun...

...at least in his mind, the remote control for Joshua's robot, Sid, was close enough for him! Too cute! (-:

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