Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fishing in Woman's Bay

These pictures are from about a month ago. Our neighbors invited us to go fishing with them just outside the base on a beautiful sunny evening and we couldn't resist. It was the only fishing we did this summer, brief as it was, and we didn't catch anything but a good time was had by all.

All I can say about this picture is... brrr!

Catch of the day! I actually 'caught' a whole plant later on but couldn't quite juggle the fishing pole and the camera and the two dogs leashes to get a picture. (-:

Joshua actually did catch a fish but it broke free before he got it reeled in all the way... so close!

While we were fishing this NOAA ship came by and I thought it looked really cool so I got a picture for my blog.

There are a whole lot of these float planes around, I see one just about every time I go into town, often more then one...so I got a picture of it, too. (-:

I think this is a cool view of the base.
Jelly fish were all over the place, very popular with kids and dogs...keeping them away was fun. Lol!

Miriam reeling in her line. What a cutie!

Samuel brought his raft and the boys had a blast paddling around, not too far from shore...Samuel's parents had the boys tie the raft to shore with a long rope so they didn't drift too far out. Clever!

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