Monday, February 23, 2009

February 4, Beach Trip

Hello everyone! I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted here, the days have just been flying by...which is a good thing for us right now since we are all eagerly awaiting Josh's orders to find out where we will be moving to in 3-4 months - we mostly likely have at least 3 weeks left to wait!

So, here is a quick rundown of what we have been up to these last 3 weeks. We finished Miriam's two weeks of swim lessons. She really learned alot and has become quite the little fish in the pool! (-: The next week we started a new school shedule, which has been a success. Our schedule was a blessing last week when I was sick for most of the week. From the couch I was able to tell the kids, 'Ok, just look at the schedule and do what comes next.' and we were able to stay on track with school for the most part. Along the way we have had friends over for lunch a few times, attended a birthday party, gone to the beach twice, had lunch at a friends house, attended a concert at church (Miriam, Isaiah and I with Isaiah's friend, also named Isaiah (-:), gone to the pool 5 times (aside from swim lessons), had friends sleepover 3-4 times, and Joshua and I earned our yellow belts in Karate!

In this post I am including pictures from one of our beach trips. We went to Bastendorff Beach with two of our neighbors.

Checking out a dead jellyfish. This was a first for us.

Miriam checks out the itty-bitty fish Korah, Payton and Joshua caught with a net, for closer observation, then released.

Kraemer and I, he enjoyed the beach, too!

Henessy and the boys playing in the waves.

Joshua catching fish.

Isaiah climbed pretty high up there and then got stuck! But he figured out how to get down before I had to go up there after him. (-:

We have continued to be blessed with many sunny days, so unusual for a winter here. I have been so thankful for them! We have had a few stormy days as well but then the sun has come back again...just when I was bracing myself for weeks of rainy, gray days!

God is so good!
I pray that you are seeing His great blessings in your life rght now, too!

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