Sunday, February 1, 2009

A week in pictures

We have had a very full week.
Here are some pictures of our everyday adventures.

Miriam and I sleeping in together on Saturday (the 24th). Josh snuck this picture of us and I figured I'd include it since I always get everyone else in the family. (-:

Josh and Miriam during Bible reading. Our family Bible reading continues to go well. We all end up laughing at some point either because of funny names, repetitive content or some such thing but it is all good. This picture makes me laugh because Miriam was driving Josh nuts by absently caressing the back of his neck, he would tell her to stop and she would but then a minute later she would start doing it again without really thinking about it. A little Daddy torture is needed from time to!

Last Saturday Miriam, Isaiah and I had dinner at our neighbor's house with four other ladies, and many kids. We all stayed up until 1am visiting! In this picture some of the kids are kicking back watching a movie together.

Isaiah playing with my friends baby that same evening.

Baby says, "Are you sure this is safe?"

Isaiah wiped out after being chased all around the house by a bunch of little kids.

Miriam heading in to her first day of swimming lessons on Monday. This looks like a lovely, summery picture but it is probably less than 5o degrees out!

Miriam showing off her back float.

I just had to include this picture because it is so adorable! (and I am not prejudiced or anything...)

On Tuesday we had some friends over for lunch. After my friends baby kept trying to get a hold of my laptop we gave him Miriam's Barbie laptop to play with and he thought it was the greatest toy!

Pet torture. That is our our dog's food bag. Don't ask me why...

Really, our cat is quite tolerant.

The dog gets her share of torture as well.

Isaiah helps his sister put on make-up, at her request. What a sweet big brother!

So there you have a few snapshots of our week. We have continued to be blessed with a lot of sunshine, so unusual for this time of year and greatly enjoyed by all! We have also been blessed with many visits with friends this week which is always wonderful!

I hope that your days have been blessed as well!

Until next time...

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