Friday, March 20, 2009

Tennis lessons

Our homeschool group had the opportunity to do tennis lesson with 3 of the instructors at the local tennis center. This is a fabulous opportunity for us to have lessons with great instructors at a great price and at a time that works well for us! So for four weeks all 3 kids are having lessons Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 - 2pm, with many of their friends from the homeschool co-op. Isaiah and Miriam absolutely love it, Joshua hasn't been that into it but this last week - the 3rd week - his instructor told me he is starting to get into it, which is wonderful news! (-:

Here are just a few pictures of the kids at tennis. I wasn't able to get a good action shot of Joshua since I got over there too late and then missed the one I could have gotten, so I am including a picture of him helping pick up the balls after practice (which seems to be almost as popular as playing, as far as the kids are concerned! Lol!)

Balancing tennis balls.
Going for the shot!

A swing...and a miss! A grand attempt though! And oh, so cute!

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