Saturday, November 7, 2009

September Camping Trip

Here are the pictures from a camping trip Isaiah, Miriam and I went on with our neighbors in early September. The weather was lovely (until the final morning), the scenery was gorgeous and the fellowship was was a great time had by all!

Our campsite. The blue tent in front is where Miriam and I slept with Haley (our newest dog. The big tent is where our neighbors slept with their two littlest boys and the little green tent is where Isaiah and his friend Samuel slept with Henessy.

The view from our campsite to the right...

...and to the left.
There is actually a bald eagle in one of the trees on that bluff...he is taunting me because no matter where I moved to I could not get a good picture of him! Alas!

Miriam playing on the 'swing'.

Matthew and Daniel playing in the creek.

One downside to this beach...lots of dead salmon washed up on shore (there was a dead sea otter as well, so sad) since it was toward the end of spawning season. The dogs really enjoy rolling in these for two day! Ick!!

Samuel jumping into the creek to catch an ailing salmon, Haley is ready to help out.


Isaiah and Samuel having fun on Samuel's raft. The dogs are having fun chasing waves.

Miriam passes a little eel that Mr. Sexton found in the tide pools to Daniel.

Miriam shows off a clam she found. We though it was alive and she built a little habitat for it only to have it crack open at some point revealing only emptiness inside...she was very upset!

I just love this picture!

Miriam exploring a tide pool. We were searching for a starfish to put in our habitat...turns out there were none to be found but we had a good time searching and came away with an itty bitty hermit crab. (-:

Miriam in front of 'mossy garden' - her name for these woods, an appropriate one as the ground is completely covered in moss. Beautiful!

Miriam and Henessy on our walk out to touch the large rock you can see in the view to right of our campsite above.

Our path to the goal in the upper left.

Touching 'the rock' - goal reached!

Left to right: Miriam, Daniel and Matthew.

Remember our pathway from a couple pictures back? Well...this is it again as the tide started coming in, turns out we waited a little too long to head back! Thankfully we headed back when we did and only got our feet opposed to being stuck out on that rock!
The cold water felt good on Henessy's paws which got all cut up on the barnacles on the way out, she refused to head back with Isaiah and insisted on following Miriam and I. Poor baby! It took about a week but she recovered fully and was none the worse for wear when all was said and done.

And here is our path under water! Whew!

Cold feet.

Once again...those rocks just to the right of the large rock, the ones you can just barely see the tops of...those are the rocks we were sitting on, which I took that picture of Miriam and the little boys on!

One tuckered dog...

...and another. (-:
The dogs pretty much slept for two full days after this trip!

Miriam jumping cute!

Henessy watches the kids and dogs play on the beach.
The second day we were joined by several more one point there were 5 dogs and 19 kids running about the camp!

More campsites being set-up in the forest.

Kiddos enjoying the campfire.

The end.

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