Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IDEA Workshops

Here are some pictures of the kids at a homeschool workshop we attended the last week of October. In the morning they learned about identifying minerals using jelly beans, then about mining using cookies. In the afternoon the kids wrote and their own versions of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and drew a picture to go with it. In between the two sessions we enjoyed a snack and a short trip to the beach with our dogs.

Quite a few families attended, as you can see.

Isaiah and Samuel work on their 'cookie mining' worksheet.

Miriam and her friend Keegan tore their cookie up pretty good getting their 'minerals' out leaving them with some pretty hefty reclamation costs.

Joshua and I 'mined' quite a few high value 'minerals' and didn't completely demolish our cookie so we made a pretty decent profit from our mining expedition.

We enjoyed some beautiful scenery during the break.

The kids enjoyed stretching their legs.

So pretty!

I just love this picture of Miriam running by.

The kids took turns running with the dogs, here is Joshua with Haley.

And here's Miriam with Henessy.

It was so sad to see graffiti on this pipe and on many of the rocks on the beach, it hadn't been there when we'd visited last.

Listening to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Miriam got to hold the mirror the mouse looked into to check for a milk mustache (I think I'm remembering that right).

Samuel uses the props to aid him in retelling the story.

These workshops were so fun. I am really thankful that we have these opportunities for the kids to take advantage of!

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