Friday, May 8, 2009

Joshua's 13th Birthday (March 14)

Joshua officially became a teenager on March 14!
A sleepover with a couple of good friends started off the birthday celebration, then he got to open his presents from us first thing in the morning.

Here is our teenager (yikes!) opening one of his presents. After present opening we had his favorite breakfast of crescent cinnamon rolls.

The next 'order of business' was a pool party with many of the boys from Joshua's Boy Scout troop and a few other friends.

All the boys had a blast trying to dump each other off of this float. They all had scratches on their backs when they were through, and they were as happy as could be! Boys!

A couple of the boys had little sister who Miriam is friends with so she had a lot of fun as well. In this picture she spends a few minutes floating by herself.

Joshua opening his gifts in the party room at the pool.

Since Joshua doesn't like cake, I made a cookie pyramid out of his favorite cookies to put the 13 candles on. We also had his favorite ice cream: coffee! We had neopolitan and cookies and cream for the more 'normal'!

After returning home many of the boys started a dart gun (and air soft gun) war. Here Josh tries to ward off an incoming can see he missed, however!

Watch out for the little sister!

Our hallway littered with the remains of the battle, I had to take a picture of this because it was just cracking me up that everywhere I walked that day the ground was covered in little orange darts!

One of the best things about birthdays in our house (according to the boys) is that the kids get unlimited computer/video game time. In this picture Joshua is taking advantage of that, one of his friends sits next to him while shielding himself from the ongoing battle.

Joshua had a wonderful time on his birthday, I think it was a good beginning for his adventure of being a teenager!

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