Friday, May 8, 2009

Hangin' at home

Here are just some random pictures of everyday silliness at our house:

Grandma Judi got these little clips with colored, plastic 'hair' attached for Miriam at Christmas and the other day Miriam put every single one in her hair, this is the result!

Miriam playing Spore, a game that Joshua bought several months ago that has become all the kids favorite. I thought Miriam just looked too cute with the headphones on and all so I had to take a picture...she gets that alot, for some!

Isaiah somehow managed to perch himself atop this pole in our yard and wanted his picture taken while he was up there. Maybe it's just me but that doesn't look all that comfortable!

Josh had to take this picture of me working on my laptop and his computer at the same time...he kept saying something about crossing over to the dark side...whatever!

Recently, Miriam went through a very sudden growth spurt!

Sometimes Henessy just gets the urge to dress up...ok, well, someone gets the urge to have Henessy dress up. We are blessed with a very tolerant dog!

I realize there are no pictures of either Josh here, it is not nearly as easy to get pictures of them and, well, they just aren't quite as goofy as the rest of us - lol!

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