Friday, May 8, 2009

Goodbye Tonsils!

On April 17th Miriam had her tonsils and adenoids removed.

Prior the the surgery the nurse anesthetist came out to talk to us, to give Miriam the mask they would use during surgery and to let her pick out the 'flavor' she wanted them to put in the mask - which was really the 'scent' so that the mask smells like something nice. Miriam chose raspberry.

He also checked Miriam's veins and put a numbing cream on each of her hands so that it wouldn't hurt when they put her IV in later.

Miriam checks out my veins, she is flicking my hand in this picture.

Time for the IV! It's not the best picture but Miriam is actually smiling! The numbing cream really did the job and they were able to get the IV in on the first try...for which Josh and I were so thankful after the difficulties we've had getting IV's done on Joshua over the years!

Checking out the 'finished product'.

This was just too adorable! Little kids get a ride to the operating room in this little red wagon, what a great idea!

Miriam was not too happy when she woke up from the surgery, but she had two new friends waiting to meet her!

Here she is writing down which movies she wants to watch when she gets home. This was one of the few times we were able to get her to write instead of talking!

Time to go home! A very unhappy girl gets wheeled out to the car by her wonderful nurse!

The first hour and a half after surgery were the worst. Miriam was so miserable and the pharmacy didn't have her meds ready even though they called them in from the hospital, which was very frustrating! But once she got home and settled down Miriam felt much better and she just did amazing from that point on! We couldn't have ordered a better recovery for our girl, she was up and playing outside 3 days after surgery!

God is so very good!

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  1. Hey, my friend Misty is the nurse on the left in the picture of Miriam in the wagon! Small town! Glad things went well!!! I love that you take so many pics so we can feel like we were there!