Monday, May 11, 2009

Joshua Tree

We arrived at my dad's on Sunday May 3. After 4 days of driving for several hours each day we were ready to stay put for a while! It was great to see my dad again after almost a year and the kids were thrilled to see their Grandpa! We spent Monday and Tuesday kicking back at my dad's house and 'recovering' from our travels but on Wednesday we decided to venture out to Joshua Tree National Park for some rock climbing and a picnic lunch...

Isaiah on top of some rocks

Joshua and Miriam taking a break

Isaiah, stopped for a moment


One hot, tired girl hiding from the sun!

Well, it's a little far away but this desert iguana was really cool in 'real life'.
Getting my picture taken

Enjoying our lunch under 'split-rock'.

It was a little hotter then we expected it to be in May which zapped the kids energy pretty quickly but we still had fun climbing on the rocks and chasing lizards for a little while. Then we were more than ready to enjoy our picnic lunch in the shade. (-:


  1. ummmm...Bonnie...have you been busy or something? You need to update your blog! Just kidding! I got your text...I am so excited about your house! Thrilled for you guys to have some space to spread out. Have fun exploring your new town! :-)