Sunday, June 21, 2009

At Grandpa Joe's

The kids and I visited Grandpa Joe and 'Granny' Gina's house on Mother's day weekend. We had a wonderful visit, including much spoiling for the mom's (more on that in another post) and, of course, for the grand kids as well!

Teaching Grandpa and Grandma about all things 'Spore' - the kid's favorite computer game.

Miriam giving Grandpa Joe a 'run for his money'.

In motion!

Joshua really got the hang of jumping on the pogo stick, he got almost to 100 jumps in one turn!

'Miriam, get yer guns!'

Miriam bought herself this holster and guns set earlier that day and 'Granny' Gina gave her this cool cowgirl hat to go with them. I especially love how this 'get up' goes with her long sun dress! :-)

Isaiah and Miriam check out the storage loft in Grandpa's garage.

What a surprise, Isaiah hanging from the rafters!

Joe and Gina treated the kids and I to ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery after dinner on Saturday. Yum!!

Isaiah and Granny Gina enjoying their ice cream.

Grandpa Joe and his cowgirl granddaughter.

Granny Gina and Isaiah battle on Guitar Hero...

While Joshua tops off the day with some 'Spore-time'!

So much fun...and that was only the first day of our visit!

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