Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Hike with friends

On Sunday evening, after our visit with Joe and Gina, we headed to our (Josh and I) best friend's house in Canyon Country. I have been friends with Scott and Veronica since High School and Josh and Scott have been friend's since the 2nd grade! So they are old and dear friends, and with our nomadic lifestyle we truly appreciate such a long-lasting friendship.

In April Scott and Veronica visited us in Coos Bay with their two girls, at that time their youngest, Natalia, became very attached to Isaiah - who she called 'the boy'. Whenever he was in another room or something she would ask 'Where is the boy? I want the boy!' Initially our trip itinerary had me visiting Scott and Veronica on the way home from our vacation, when I would have only Miriam with me. But after their visit, seeing how much Natalia liked spending time with Isaiah, I added an extra one night visit to their house so she could have a little more time with her 'boy'.

On Monday morning Veronica took us (the kids and I and Natalia, Nicole, their oldest, was in school) to a nice hiking spot near their house. We walked as long as the kids wanted to and then enjoyed a picnic lunch in the shade. After lunch the kids enjoyed 'squirrel spotting' until it was time to go.

Miriam, Natalia and Isaiah heading off on our adventure.

Before we reached the trail we saw this woman training a falcon, something I had never seen before. Veronica said there is a large falconry nearby, so cool!

Natalia and Miriam, I just love the holding hands. So cute!

Miriam discovered a beetle on the path which she enjoyed holding for a while.

She even let Natalia hold it, which was all good until it crawled a little too far up her arm at which time he was rather unceremoniously shaken off. None the worse for wear he scuttled off into the grass beside the path and we bid him farewell.

Natalia and her boy.

All tuckered out

Ah, children, always drawn to the water!

A nostalgic view.

This view brings me back to my childhood. I don't believe we hiked in this particular spot but there were many hikes and camping trips with similar views. A creek, large overhanging oak trees, some dry brush in the background...all so familiar. This is the part of California I do miss.

Isaiah finds himself a nice perch to hang out, for a minute.

Joshua, taking it all in.

Well, you can't really see much in this picture but it is a hawks nest high in a tree right by where we ate our lunch, with some little hawks moving around in it. Even though you can't really tell what it is I had to share because it was just so cool!

I am so glad I decided to add this extra visit to our trip, it was so nice to have a little extra time to visit with such good friends. It is also very special to see our children becoming good friends, too! God is so good!

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