Saturday, June 20, 2009


One morning while we were staying at Dad's he stepped outside to go for a run and saw this medium-sized gopher snake sprawled out in the sand just off his patio. Once Isaiah, Miriam and I (Joshua was still in bed) came out and started getting close to him he moved up behind a plant on the patio and curled himself up, hissing and shaking his tail to try to look ferocious. We knew better, though, and I caught him and held him for a little while. I even went inside and woke Joshua up with the snake in my hands...I don't think he appreciated that too much, actually.

Once we were all done checking him out we let him go where we found him, thinking that he would quickly slither away and we would see him no more. Instead, he crawled up into a flower pot not far from where he was discovered and just curled up. When the boys came by and saw him there he 'jumped' out of the pot and hid underneath it, but once they left he crawled right back in it again! He stayed there for much of the day, until about mid-afternoon at which time he slithered off behind the house and climbed up into the wheel-well of my dad's Bronco. We don't know where he went after, he was no where to be found the next day, but since he hung out around the house for so long Isaiah decided we should name him Dave.

'I am ferocious!'

Me holding Dave.

Dave, being ferocious again. We are next to Joshua's bed at this time.

Dave enjoying his plant.

Isaiah and Miriam tracking Dave down.

Dave in his new hiding place.

I think we were all hoping to see Dave around for more days to come, but having a wild snake hang around (where we could see him) for a full day was pretty special. Hopefully Dave is happily eating up rats around my dad's house still! (-:

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