Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mother's Day spoiling!

On Saturday Joe took the kids out and brought home flowers for Gina and I (Somehow, I didn't end up getting pictures of them! My bad!) for Mother's Day. He and Gina also gave me a really cool glass coffee mug and card on Mother's Day. But wait, there's more! I was triple-spoiled because in addition to those two things Joe and the grand kids made breakfast in bed for Gina and I on Sunday morning!

I really should hang out at their house more often!

Busy in the kitchen!

Gina snuck these pictures of Grandpa and the kids hard at work (we were told we weren't allowed out of our rooms until breakfast was served!)

Joshua was in charge of the eggs and Isaiah was in charge of the pancakes, Grandpa supervised and - based on these pictures - Miriam appears to be in charge of sitting on the counter eating the rejects and looking cute! :-)

While breakfast was being cooked Gina and I were served coffee after the kids took orders on how we liked it. Then, when breakfast was almost ready Joshua took orders on how many pancakes, eggs and strips of bacon we'd like. A little while later Isaiah came in and informed us that the pancakes were on the small side and asked if we'd like to order more because of that. They certainly gave wonderful service!

Here I am with my breakfast in bed. Mmm-mm good!

What a feast!

So, it would seem my husband and kids have a lot to live up to next Mother's Day...Lol!

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  1. Awww...what a special day you had! I love all your pics...keep em' comin! MISS YOU!