Sunday, January 4, 2009


Miriam was looking at a book this afternoon and doing what the kids in the book were doing.

(which is actually the point of the book, we used to have a lot of fun with this book when the kids were smaller...arching like a whale breaching, flapping like a parrot flying, growling like a tiger...but I digress)

Everyone thought she was so cute I had to take pictures and share.

The page in the book she is mimicking in the following picture.

Miriam being, not just a bat, but a fruit bat.

One happy girl!

(Of course, she is always happiest when the center of attention. Lol!)

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  1. Hey, Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by my blogs ... and leaving COMMENTS no less!!! I actually did FINISH all my Christmas cards by the 'revised' goal, but many of them ended up being "Happy New Year" cards as well, just like yours!!

    Your comment on Trees & Thorns delighted me deeply ~ REDEEMED, that's what we are!!

    Glad to know we've got Brenda in common - she and I have lived life together since Jr. High (I grew up in Coos Bay and we met at church in North Bend), though marriage & family have moved us physically further apart, it such a delight to still live some of it together through blogging -- if that doesn't sound too lame! =)