Sunday, January 11, 2009

Imagination is...

From the time Joshua was 3-years-old and telling me amazing stories to go with pictures he drew or the game he was playing with his toys, I have been captivated by the incredible imaginations of my children. Few things bring me as much joy as seeing my children play and imagine. Joshua loves to tell me about imaginary creatures, peoples and worlds he has made up and the ongoing stories about them. Miriam is constantly coming up to me during the day to tell me about something her animals are doing or who she is at that time. Isaiah and his friend, James, enjoy wandering the neighborhood battling pretend bad guys and 'exploring'. This is the joy and wonder of childhood!

As I write Miriam says to Josh, "I'm electric eel woman. You can call me electric woman or eel woman."

Josh: "Can I just call you eew?"

Miriam: "No, you can call me electric woman or eel woman."

Josh: "Ok, eew." (Ornery daddy.)

Here is Miriam the bandit with baby Maia on her hunting giraffe (yes, the giraffe hunts for her and brings her meat to eat - though the giraffe only eats fruits and plants).

Here she is later with a bridle and saddle Isaiah rigged for her. (Take note of the rather eccentric girl is definitely a free spirit!)

Here Joshua has set up a bunch of his animals in a epic battle scene, each set of two or three animals has it's own little 'battle story' of what is happening there. (I actually got him on video telling me about them but I lost it somehow when I uploaded my photos, sadly.)

This was my favorite, smaller dragons and dinosaurs attacking the large dragon...I especially like the one on the tail.

Isaiah's GI Joe's are trying to stay out of the molten lava, while they battle.

Bad guys getting ready to go across. (There are 3 of them, can you find them all?)

There you have a small sampling of the amazing imaginations in our household. I am always entertained (and impressed) by what these guys come up with!

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

Albert Einstein

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