Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Isaiah's 11th Birthday

Isaiah had a great birthday on Friday!
I can't believe he's 11 years old!

Daddy and Grandma met us at a nearby coffee shop for lunch and Isaiah opened his presents there.

What a handsome birthday boy!

Our crazy family!
I believe Josh is in the middle of telling Isaiah not to ruin the picture. Lol!

Isaiah decorated me with the bows from Grandma's presents!
I could start a trend with this look...

Isaiah reading jokes from his new joke book (these are extremely popular with my kids right now) to his brother and sister.

Isaiah's Birthday cake.
Yes, it says 'Bob'. This is a joke with him and his friends (he is Bob, another friend is Billy Bob and another friend is something else I can't remember...) and he really wanted his cake to say 'Happy 11th Birthday Bob' so that is what it said.

The best part of birthday's is unlimited video games!
(Actually it may be a toss-up between that and no school, as they always get their birthday off from school.) Here is Isaiah playing video games with his buddies the morning after his birthday sleepover.

All in all I'd say Isaiah had a great 11th birthday!

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  1. I think we could get away with not having a birthday party and not buying presents as long as they were allowed to play non-stop video games! LOL Boys and their games! YIKES