Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunny Days

We have been enjoying some lovely sunny days here in the rainy northwest this week. Even if I can't get out in it much, just having the sun shining in the windows lifts my spirit. To have this brief respite in the midst of the rain and cold of winter is such a blessing!

On Tuesday we took advantage of the sunshine by having lunch and doing some of our schooling on the back patio. We even brought Kraemer (the baby I watch during the day) out to enjoy the sunshine!

The birds also enjoy the sun. I took this picture today. These birds crack me up because the whole, huge flock travels around from yard to yard throughout the neighborhood 'grazing'.
I enjoy watching them pull big ole' grubs out of our yard from my scrapbook room window...I am amazed at how many they get!

I finally remembered to ask Kraemer's parents for permission to put his picture on here. So now I can show you how cute my kids are with him!

Here Joshua is throwing the ball for Henessy while holding Kraemer, who absolutely loves the dog!

This was the perfect way to keep Kraemer happy while I made his bottle!

Kraemer also loves to play with Isaiah's hair!
When Kraemers around Joshua refers to Isaiah as 'the scruffy guy'.

You can see he was very happy playing with Isaiah.
What a cutie!

And just because I think it is so very cute, I had to add this picture of Isaiah carrying the baby in my sling taken last week. Too adorable!

No pictures of Miriam and the baby today but I am sure I will add some soon.
All three munchkins just love having a baby around, it is so sweet!

In other news, Isaiah will turn 11 tomorrow!!
(which would actually be in 45 minutes as I write, yikes!)
He will be having 3 friends over for a sleepover party, which will include pizza, video games and glow-in-the-dark bowling from 9:30 - 11pm!
Sounds like a good 11th birthday party to me!

Oh, that reminds me I still have presents to wrap!
I better get going...

Until next time... blessings on your day!

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