Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Sunshine

The Lord has continued to bless us with sunshine this week, it has been so wonderful! Here are some of the things we've been doing while we enjoy the sun.

Miriam walking Henessy to get the mail.
I took Kraemer with us to get some nice, fresh air.
Kraemer and I stayed outside after we got the mail while I did my Bible reading in the sunshine, it was just too beautiful to go back inside!

On Saturday we went to a friends house for dinner and the kids had a great time playing in the yard and jumping on the trampoline. In this picture Joshua is bouncing Miriam and Benjamin (you can just see his foot and hand) up in the air.

After burning energy at our friend's house the kids wound down in the evening by watching 'Shark Boy and Lava Girl'. Gotta love the 3D glasses!

On Sunday I took Isaiah, Miriam and Henessy to the beach. (The two Josh's opted to stay home) It was much warmer than I expected and we all had a great time until Miriam got 'clotheslined' by Henessy's leash! She still has a nasty looking burn on her neck and chin but she recovered nicely.

Isaiah and Miriam enjoy watching the waves crashing on the far side of the jette.

Chasing, and being chased by, the waves.
Boy, did their feet get cold! The temperature outside was pretty warm, the water temperature was not!

One happy dog!

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  1. As sad as it is I tend to forget we have the beach at our disposal! I guess since I've grown up around here I have taken it for granted and don't go as often as we should! That's it. The next sunny day I'm taking the kids! Tatym hasn't been to the beach yet! :) I LOVE your pictures!!!!