Friday, January 2, 2009

A Joyful Day

Happy 2nd day of 2009!
Today I got a call from a friend I had not had opportunity to visit in quite a while inviting me to come visit this afternoon. The boys are very busy working on prerequisites for their upcoming merit badge fair, for boy scouts, but as Josh got to come home early from work today Miriam and I were able to take off and go visiting! We took Henessy with us since my friend also has a dog, Bear, and Bear and Henessy love to run and play together on her property while we visit. This was also a wonderful blessing since poor Henessy is not getting nearly enough exercise lately with the yucky weather we've been having.
After visiting my one friend for a couple of hours, I called up some other friends who lives near her and asked if we could stop by. We ended up visiting with them for another couple of hours! Now that is a blessed day! (-:

Here is Miriam kicking back with a juice box at my friend's daughter's Barbie table. (Yes, she is wearing quite the crazy outfit, those are red stocking underneath it all...workout pants, a sweatshirt that doesn't really match and a pink overall dress, well, over it all...I do love that girl!)

Here is Miriam playing with her new digital pet cat that just came in the mail today (bought with your Amazon gift certificate, Bubba) as we leave the second friends house.

After we got home I took this picture of Isaiah suspending himself from our kitchen doorway.

And if that wasn't enough he decided to hold himself up by holding the other end of the rope in his mouth. That's my goofy boy!

This is a picture of me blogging last night, the cat came and was doing flips in my lap trying to get me to pet her. Finally she settled down and I had Isaiah take these pictures.

Here you can see the cat a little better, and she looks's just the flash, really...Lol!

As I finish tonight she has come and is cleaning herself in my lap. I guess she is my new blogging buddy!

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