Monday, July 13, 2009

Fort Abercrombie

After visiting the touch tank we still had two more adventures in store, the second was a visit to Fort Abercrombie where we had a picnic lunch and explored tide pools and old army bunkers. It was a little chilly out by the beach but we all had a fabulous time. It was so beautiful!

Isaiah takes in the view.

At one point all 3 of my kids were walking up this fallen tree but by the time I got my camera out and ready this was all I got - Joshua jumping off! *Sigh*

One of my friends younger sons following Miriam down the trail, you can just barely see her in the distance in black pants and a white sweatshirt.

Out on the beach. This beach was covered in flat, round, dark gray stones which I found fascinating - from big ones to itty bitty ones!

More of the beach and the tide pools.

...and the other direction.

My three rock scramblers.

Miriam holding a little mussel.

Miriam and Joshua climbing on the wall of a bunker.

Joshua inside a room in the bunker, we think it may have held communications equipment because there were still cables on the wall near the ceiling.

Isaiah and Sam looking down the pipe in the ceiling of the room Joshua was standing in.

Trying the door to another room, to no avail.

Checking out yet another bunker...and a dead rat.

Isaiah helping to corral one of the little guys!

Miriam takes a closer look.

Wow, that's one big gun barrel!

This is also where I got my first picture of a bald eagle, the one I posted earlier. It was a wonderful trip!

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