Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kodiak: An Aerial View

Here are some photos I took of the base and surrounding areas on our hike up Old Woman.

This is the gate where we show our ID as we enter the base. The red building with the gray roof is the medical center.

A C-130 taking off from the Kodiak airport.

Our resident 378, the Munroe, as seen from above.
I am very happy Josh is not on this ship!

Scenery, with a little bit of the base in the center of the picure.

This is the Commsta, where Josh works - it is the white building with four towers around it.

An aerial view of base housing, our housing - known as 'upper government' - is on the left hand side.

Kids on a mountain. (-:
You can see a little bit of the Kodiak airport and the Lake Louise housing area just off center to the right near the top of the photo.

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  1. Hey Bonnie! I loved seeing all your pictures and reading about your adventures so far this summer! Kodiak is beautiful and it sure looks like you guys are having fun!