Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hiking 'Old Woman'

We set out on our first Kodiak hike up Old Woman on a gorgeous summer day, about two weeks ago. Believe it or not is was actually a bit warm for a hike, but it was either go in the sun or risk being stuck on the mountain in pouring down rain with 3 kids and 2 dogs - so we opted for the sunny day. (-:

Heading out...

Well, there goes 'plan A'.

(The sign says 'No Motorized Vehicles Allowed')

Miriam heads up the final stretch. Her brothers have already been waiting at the top for a while, and Josh joined them soon after they got there.

Joshua's 'I made it!' picture.

Isaiah's 'I made it' picture.

Miriam's 'I made it!' picture. She is very tired, lol!

Josh insisted on getting an 'I made it!' picture of me, oddly I never got one of him...

The dogs 'I made it!' picture...the kids insisted on this one. (-:

Isaiah hanging off the edge, no surprise here.

Oh no, now two boys are hanging off the cliff!

Not Miriam too!

The face is priceless, I told her to 'look scared'.

Miriam collecting flowers on the mountain top.

Daddy and his girl heading down the mountain.

This is Charlie, we were dog-sitting for some friends who also moved here from Coos Bay, after the hike he DID NOT want to get up from this was very funny, Josh finally dragged him up and got him in the car. That was one tuckered doggy!

When we were almost home from our hike I noticed what I thought was a bit of grass on Josh's shirt sleeve, it turned out to be this little inch worm. Unfortunately my camera did not want to focus on him so I never got a great picture (and once he was even on the tip of my fingernail doing his inchworm thing - so sad to not get a picture of that!) but you can at least see him in this one.

Our little 'hitch-hiker' was a fun ending to our hiking adventure. It was such a beautiful day up on the mountain, a good time was had by all - though the kids were not anxious to go on another hike anytime soon, they were worn out!

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