Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our home in Kodiak

Our first full day in Kodiak got off to a great start, Josh called me around 9am to tell me that we had a house! We were not expecting to know where we would be living for a week or two! It got even better when he picked me up and showed me our new house, a 3-level 4 bedroom house with a basement, garage and fenced yard - it was more than we had hoped for!

Here are some pictures from our first day in Kodiak, including a few of our new house. I will add more pictures of our house in the next day or two, they are still on my camera and I didn't get around to downloading them today.

Here is one of the C-130's flying over our first 'home' in Kodiak, the guesthouse (a sort of on-base hotel). The guesthouse was also our second home - where the kids and I slept (Josh slept on and air mattress at our house with the dog because she was making too much noise whining when we left at night) - for our first 2 weeks while we waited for our household goods to arrive.

Josh visiting with his friend, Brian, who was his roommate at 'A' school (his 6 month training in Petaluma to become an IT). Brian graciously offered to let our dog stay with him until we got a house (no pets allowed in the guesthouse) and considering we expected it to be a while that was exceptionally nice of him!

I took this picture out the car window on our way back to base from Brian's house on Thursday, isn't it beautiful?

And...drum roll, is our house:

This picture was taken from the guesthouse. That's our house in the center of the photograph. It is a duplex, ours is the left half as you look at it from this direction, so the 3 sets of windows and the deck on the left are ours...the neighbors deck is obscured by the tree. The bottom set of windows is our basement, from the front you can only see two levels.

Here is Josh on our deck with a view of the neighbors yard, and the next neighbors yard and the next neighbors get the picture.

And here is a view of the other direction.

Life is good here in Kodiak. God has provided a lovely house. We have wonderful Christian neighbors who homeschool and have a 10yo son who has already become a good friend to Isaiah. We have met another homeschooling family who live one block away and have a boy who is also good friends with Isaiah and an older son who is Joshua's age and already becoming a good friend to him. Miriam is also making friends, in fact just this afternoon there were 3 little girls over here playing upstairs in Miriam's room with her! I have already made several friends here as well, and Josh has as well. We even have the joy of having friends from Coos Bay here who transferred around the same time we did!

We attended Berean Baptist church for the second Sunday this morning and are thinking it is our new church home. They even have AWANA there which Miriam is very excited about continuing. Tomorrow Isaiah starts his Theatrical Improv camp which runs for 3 days a week for a month and on Tuesday Miriam begins a 3 week gymnastics camp. Isaiah and Miriam will also be attending vbs at Berean Baptist in a week. I am so thankful! This is why I do not have to worry about our moves, my Lord always goes before us and prepares the way!

Oh, He is so good!


  1. thanks for the update . . . it's wonderful to see you settled in your new home!

  2. Your house is amazing and Kodiak is as beautiful as I remember Alaska being when we visited in '94. I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to hear about all of your adventures.

  3. Bonnie! So great to hear how God has provided...a great house, a great church, and great friends! He is so GOOD!

    Miss you, Erika

  4. Ok, I'll admit, got a little choked up reading this one! I'm so beyond happy for you guys. The Lord has really made a home for you up there and sounds like everything is falling perfectly into place as only the Lord can orchestrate!! It's exciting to hear that you guys are fitting right in and getting rooted in your new town!!!