Friday, July 10, 2009

Touch Tanks

On June 26 my new neighbor Melissa showed the kids and I some cool places in Kodiak. The first place we visited was a marine research center where they have a large touch tank for the kids to check out. It was a pretty cool place and all 6 of our kids had a great time!

Miriam points out the eel in the large, cylindrical tank next to the touch tank. They had a lot of really neat critter in there. Just a note: it really wasn't very cold this day - until we got out to the beach later on - but Miriam had to wear her cool, pink leopard gloves and hat!

Miriam shows off a pretty, red starfish, unfortunately in all the pictures I took of it my camera focused on the background instead! I actually think it looks kind of cool, though.

Joshua gives us some information about some of the creatures we're observing.

Melissa's son, Samuel, learns how to safely hold crab.

Miriam checks out a sea urchin. We learned how this guy uses his spines to bring things like this rock up on top of himself as camouflage!

I think the kids had the most fun trying to catch the small fish in the touch tank, it was pretty amusing to watch!

'There it is, guys!'

Isaiah almost snags it!

We had a lot of fun at the touch tanks and even more fun getting to know our new neighbors better!

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