Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just hanging out

Here are some random pictures from our first two weeks in Kodiak:

A boy and his dog.

Pretzel girl!

We have some budding artists as neighbors who visited us to practice their craft in our basement.

Dotty, dotty, system in the sun. - Miriam
(Yes, she meant in the sun)

Our friends the Robinson's, who went to the same church with us in Coos Bay, were stationed here as well and arrived last week. Here their oldest, Jacob, spends some 'guy time' with Joshua while his mom and I chatted and his sister and Miriam played.

Miriam collecting shells and sea glass at Jewel Beach.

Henessy watches her boys explore Jewel Beach.

Since we've been here Josh has taught Miriam to ride a bike! (-=
We bought her a new one here in Kodiak since she had outgrown her old one before we left Coos Bay.

Miriam and I enjoying lunch and a good read.

Catching some air!
We have 'owed' Isaiah a scooter for a while now so we finally got him one here and he has had a blast scootering around the neighborhood with new friends and practicing stunts in our basement.

Isaiah even rigged up a 'sidecar' for his sister using this bin, clever boy! (Very reminiscent of his good friend Devon from Oregon.)

Daddy kicking back and watching the show.

Kid attack! ...or is it Daddy attack?

Finally, our household goods arrived on July 2! In this picture Miriam hugs a box with some of her toys in it. (-=

Now we can truly settle in! ...once we finish unpacking.

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  1. Oh man, I miss you guys!!! Praise the Lord for internet & blogs &'s nice to see your new home and see you guys are having fun up there!!