Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Kodiak Scenery

Here are some more pictures of the base and surrounding area in Kodiak.

This mountain is called 'Old Woman', we understand it is usually the first hike people do when they come here. We haven't done it yet but we probably should soon, since we are being blessed with such lovely weather. (Though it might be too warm for my husband to want to hike, lol!) The white building slightly off center, which looks like it has two 'turrets', is our exchange. We have...ahem...spent a little money there since we arrived - more on that in other posts.

This is part of a view from a little beach on base called 'Jewel Beach' - though I didn't know that yet when I took these pictures - you can pick up a lot of sea glass there which the kids and I think is fun...now to figure out some fun craft idea to use it for!
Past the ugly gray ground you can see a little field with a small tree in it, Josh and I saw a fox there when we went on a walk a week or so ago, I didn't have my camera, of course! We hear that he is around a lot, and we have seen him once more ourselves. What is really funny, and what I would love to get a picture of, is that both times Josh and I have seen him he has been followed by several magpies who hop after him and pick at his tail with their beaks, it is so funny!

As I'm facing Jewel Beach this is the view to my left...

and this is the view to my right.

This is a Magpie.
They are everywhere and I think they are pretty. I am getting the idea that they are little nuisances, like crows, but I still like them.

This is Miriam at the park near our house, somehow I haven't gotten a good picture of this play structure but it is really cool. The purpose of this picture in this post, however, is the pointy mountain in the background. I just love it! It truly has a 'pointy top' like Joshua used to say when he was little. I am sure I will get a better picture of it someday...but until then this will have to do.

This is one of the other play structures in our park, there are 3 total - one for kids up to 5yo, one for kids 5-12 and one for all kids, particularly good for older kids. And there are swings!
The mountain on the left in the background - the green one - is 'my mountain' because I can see it from my kitchen window as I stand at the sink. I love looking out at it and seeing how different it looks in the sunshine, obscured by clouds or with little bits of mist just hanging around on it here and there...I tell Josh, 'I love my mountain!' and I do!

Here is a view of some of base housing taken from the parking lot of the chapel on a pretty day.

And last, but not least, the first picture I have gotten of a bald eagle! We have seen quite a few now but always flying and usually too far away. I realize this isn't the greatest but I was just happy to see one that was somewhat close enough and when I had my camera! This was taken when the kids and I went to Fort Abercrombie with our neighbors (pictures of that trip in another post).
I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Kodiak from my point of view! Can't wait to share it with some of you in person! (-=


  1. Great pictures! We had magpies in WA and LOVED them. They are like crows... only prettier! =)

  2. i am really excited for you all. what a great start to a great adventure and a wonderful experience for the kids!! I pray that it exceeds your expectations!! Thanks so much for the pictures and updates!

  3. What a pretty place you're in! I do have to admit that I'm jealous that you're getting to experience a new place and the fun of adventure! I get to live vicariously through you and your blog! :O) Thanks for keeping this up! MISS YOU!